Starter Motor Grease- what kind of grease do I need?

Vortex blasts, bitter cold temperatures, snow storms, and cars that don’t start…the joys of winter. These extreme conditions can really cause havoc on starter motors if they are not lubricated with the right starter motor grease. Greases are typically comprised of a base oil, thickening system, and additives. Older technology greases that utilize mineral (crude-based) stocks are becoming less desirable for use in rotating electrical applications, such as starter motors.

Today’s starter motor grease needs to be effective in cold temperatures without thickening, and operate in high temperatures without losing its lubricating base oil. Synthetic and silicone greases have a much wider operating range than conventional greases. PolySi® G-MAN™ Lubricants’ PST-433 Extreme Low Temperature Grease has long been the lubricant chosen by OE’s (original equipment manufacturers) and starter motor rebuilders. G-MAN™’s PST-433 can operate down to -60℃ without any signs of performance failure. When it’s hotter than blazes outside, PST-433 handles 400℉ (204℃) with ease.

So to avoid the car that seems as frozen as the treetops in a winter storm, or an overheated car in the height of summer, be sure you have a high quality lubricant in the starter motor.  And remember, G-MAN™ hits the spot every time.  For more information, please visit

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