Silicone Lubricating Compounds

Silicone Lubricating Compounds

(previously a product line from Specialty Silicone Products, Inc.)

You have arrived at this page because PolySi® Technologies Inc. (PolySi®) has acquired the silicone grease and lubricants product line from Specialty Silicone Products, Inc. (SSP)

This web page has been created to help you find the products that you used to purchase from SSP.

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Silicone Greases for Electrical Insulation and Part Lubrication

PolySi® Technologies Inc. (PolySi®) supplies PTFE-filled silicone greases, silicone pastes, and silicone lubricating compounds for applications that require electrical insulation or parts lubrication. These high-quality silicone lubricants meet demanding specifications for temperatures, pressures, and loads.

Custom Formulations and Convenient Packaging

To support your manufacturing or maintenance environment, PolySi® offers a variety of silicone greases, silicone pastes, and silicone lubricant compounds in packages ranging from 5.3-oz. tubes to 55-gallon drums. PolySi® high-quality silicone lubricants are comparable to products from Dow Corning and Novagard.

Dielectric Greases for Electrical Connectors

PolySi® PTFE-filled silicone lubricating greases contain polytetrafluoroethylene, a synthetic fluoropolymer with excellent thermal stability and dielectric properties. These dielectric greases can be applied to electrical connections in the field or on the assembly line, and support temperatures from -150 F to 600 F.

Quiet Lubrication for Moving Parts

PolySi® silicone greases, silicone pastes, and silicone lubricating compounds are also used to lubricate metal, rubber, and plastic parts. Whether as a marine grease, and aerospace grease, or as a valve lubricant, SSP greases do not contain flammable petrochemicals and are water washout resistant.

Thermally-Conductive Greases and Specialty Lubricants

PolySi® also supplies specialty silicone compounds such as thermally-conductive greases and lubricants that comply with MIL-S-86660C requirements. Read the product table below for more information.

Silicone Grease Packaging options include drums, pails, gallons, cans, bottles, tubes, unit dose, grease packets, grease cartridges, syringes, and custom design options.

PolySi® G-MAN®

Silicone Grease & Silicone Compounds

Product: Description:
PST-434 (SSP-1201-A) PST-434 is an extreme low-temperature, PTFE-filled silicone grease that provides reliable lubrication at temperatures as low as −70°C.
PST-578 (SSP-1208-A) PST-578 is a heavy-bodied, PTFE-filled silicone grease for heavy loads at temperatures between −40°F (−40°C) and 400°F (204°C).
PST-558 (SSP-1208-WA) PST-558 is a medium-bodied, PTFE-filled silicone grease with improved water washout resistance for medium loads over a wide temperature range.
PST-579 (SSP-1209-A) PST-579 is an extreme high-temperature, PTFE-filled silicone grease with a temperature range from −40°F (−40°C) to 600°F (316°C).
PST-511 (SSP-1212) PST-511 is a heavy-bodied, FDA grade, silicone compound for light load lubrication, sealing, and electrical insulation at high temperatures.
PST-599 (SSP-1219) PST-599 is a silicone grease that’s an approved NSF H1 food-grade lubricant for incidental food contact in and around food processing areas.
PST-525 (SSP-1401-L) PST-525 is a light-bodied, MIL-S-8660C compliant, QPL listed, moisture proofing, silicone compound for mechanical and electrical connections.
PST-507 (SSP-1404) PST-507 is a medium-bodied, FDA grade, dielectric silicone compound for light load lubrication that is less tacky than PST-511.
PST-540 (SSP-1405-L) PST-540 is a thermally-conductive, medium-bodied, heat sink silicone compound for applications that require excellent heat transfer.