PST-578 is a heavy-bodied, PTFE-filled silicone grease for heavy loads at temperatures between −40°F (−40°C) and 400°F (204°C). This product was formerly known as SSP-1208-A and is now a PolySi® G-MAN® silicone lubricating compound.

Data Typical Values
Appearance White
Temperature −40°F to 400°F
Worked Penetration 260
Unworked Penetration (200 – 250 range) 230
Bleed (100°C / 24hr) 0.36%
Evaporation (100°C / 24hr) 0.45%
Specific Gravity 1.01 – 1.03
Hegman Grind (mils) 1.5

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PTFE-Filled Silicone Lubricating Grease for Heavy Loads

PST-578 is a silicone grease that’s designed for a wide range of applications where contacting surfaces are under heavy load, and where high temperatures are expected. This PTFE-filled silicone grease is comparable to Dow Corning Molykote 44 bearing grease (DC-44) and to Novagard G330M silicone lubricant.

PST-578 Silicone Grease Features

PST-578 has an operating temperature range of −40°F to 400°F and an unworked penetration in the 200 to 250 range with a typical value of 230. This silicone grease is water repellent, non-corrosive, and does not separate. PST-578 silicone lubricating grease is low in volatiles, exhibits excellent dispersion characteristics, and provides both chemical and thermal resistance.

PST-578 Silicone Grease Applications

PST-578 silicone lubricating grease is useful as corrosion inhibitor, mold release, and lubricant for metal, rubber, and plastic parts. Applications include:

  • fire extinguisher valves
  • fractional HP motors
  • HVAC fans
  • plug valves
  • electrical connections
  • water softener and faucet valves

With its wide temperature range, consistency, and stability, PST-578 also can be used with home appliances and recreational vehicles.

PST-578 Packaging and Product Specifications

PST-578 silicone lubricating grease is supplied in drums, plastic pails, jars, cartridges, and plastic tubes. Private labeling and custom packaging are available to meet special requirements. Contact PolySi Technologies for more information.