Heavy-Bodied, FDA 175.300 compliant, Silicone Compound

PST-511 is a heavy-bodied, FDA 175.300 compliant, silicone compound for light load lubrication, sealing, and electrical insulation at high temperatures. This product was formerly known as SSP-1212 and is now a PolySi® G-MAN® silicone lubricating compound.

Data Typical Values
Appearance Translucent
Temperature −100°F to 400°F
Worked Penetration (230 – 270 range) 255
Unworked Penetration (230 – 270 range) 250
Bleed (After 24 hours @ 200°C) 0%
Evaporation (After 24 hours @ 200°C) 1.0%
Specific Gravity (0.99 – 1.04) 1.01
Dielectric Strength (At 0.050” gap) 500 Volts / Mil
Volume Resistivity (ohms/cm) 2.18×1014
Dielectric Constant @ 100 Hz 3.0
Dissipation Factor @ 100 Hz 0.0001

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Heavy-Bodied FDA Grade Silicone Lubricating Compound

PST-511 is a stiff, tacky silicone grease that’s designed for applications where contacting surfaces are not under heavy load, but high temperatures are expected. This silicone lubricating grease is comparable to Dow Corning Molykote 111 valve lubricant (DC-111) and Dow Corning high-vacuum silicone grease. PST-511 is also an offset for the Novagard G-661 silicone lubricant.

PST-511 Silicone Grease Features

PST-511 silicone lubricating grease has an operating temperature range of −40°F to 400°F and an unworked penetration in the 230 to 270 range with a typical value of 250. This silicone grease is non-corrosive, does not separate, and exhibits excellent dispersion characteristics. PST-511 is also low in volatiles and has excellent stability.

PST-511 Silicone Grease Applications

PST-511 is useful as an electrical insulator, corrosion inhibitor, mold release, and general-purpose lubricant for metal, rubber, and plastic parts. Applications for this silicone lubricating grease include water faucet valves, high voltage connectors, rubber O-rings and seals, automotive ignitions, and underground electrical connections.

PST-511 Packaging and Product Specifications

PST-511 silicone lubricating grease is supplied in drums, plastic pails, jars, cartridges, and plastic tubes. Private labeling and custom packaging are available to meet special requirements. Contact PolySi Technologies for more information.