Utility and Power Lubricants

Utility and Power Lubricants PolySi® G-MAN® Lubricants

PolySi® G-MAN® Lubricants offers a range of greases for utility, renewable energy, wind, and hydro dam markets. G-MAN®Electrical Lubricants are designed to prevent corrosion and protect components from dust, moisture, and other elements. Our grease designed for hydro applications is NSF Certified, Standard 61 Approved, has excellent water washout properties, wide temperature ranges, and resists a wide range of chemicals. Downtime in the energy market means lost revenue, and proper lubrication to keep equipment running and prevent corrosion and rust is critical. Contact our technical staff to discuss your application.

Hydro Dam Grease Applications

Utility, Power, Wind and Hydro Dam Grease Applications


Application: PolySi® Silicone Based Lubricant: PolySi® Non-Silicone Lubricant:
Electrical Utility
High voltage regulators PST-504 (PST Electrical Utility Grease) PST-576 (PAO Base oil)
Electrical connectors, elbows PST-504, PST-511, PST-525 PST-576 (PAO)
Electrical boxes/panels PST-511
Electrical Splices PST-511
Heating Elements PST-540
Wire Pulling (assembly aid) PST Wire Pulling Grease
Hydro Dam
Bearing Grease- yaw, pitch, generator Anti-friction coatings and pastes for threaded connections
PST-599 NSF Standard 61 Certified
 Anti-friction coatings and pastes for threaded connections
Wind Energy
Brake discs, blades and nacelle housings Anti-friction coatings and sealants  Anti-friction coatings and sealants