Oil and Gas Lubricant

Oil and Gas Lubricant and Grease Applications PolySi® G-MAN® LubricantsOil and Gas Lubricant and Grease Applications PolySi® G-MAN® Lubricants

The Oil and Gas industry faces some of the most difficult equipment challenges due to harsh environments. Standard lubricants will fail in these environments, and failure of any equipment component can be catastrophic. As innovation in exploration and drilling progresses, the demands for high-performance lubricants increases. PolySi® G-MAN® Lubricants is working with industry leaders to develop the most sophisticated sealants and lubricants specifically designed to ensure performance inshore, offshore, and subsea.

Oil and Gas Lubricants

PolySi® G-MAN® Lubricants Description
PST-87 Fluorinated grease thickened with PTFE. Offset to Krytox® GPL-227.
PST-595 Silicone Dielectric Grease
PST-5 Offset to DuPont® BDX-XHT
Silicone De-foamer (anti-foam)
PST-600 Series Damping Greases

PolySi® G-MAN® Oil and Gas Lubricants provide superior performance to standard lubricants:

Reduce Safety Risks.

Oxygen safe lubricants reduce safety risks. PolySi® Lubricants for oil and gas applications are thermo-oxidative stable, non-flammable, and reduce corrosion.

Reduce the risk of High Temps downhole by using special lubricants.

Downhole requires unique lubricants that can handle high temperatures. PolySi® has greases that provide lubrication in excess of 1,000°C in some applications.

Prevent corrosion in severe conditions.

PolySi® greases are inert to moisture, corrosive chemicals, caustic, acids, and oxidizers. Resists displacement when subjected to water spray. With PolySi® Lubricants, your machinery will be protected, reducing repairs.

Reduce machine wear and downtime.

Protects metal with high tech corrosion inhibition. Does not contain sodium nitrite, which can form carcinogenic nitrosamines.

PolySi® Oil and Gas Lubricant Applications

Electrical connections and splices on seismic, geophysical and downhole power sources
Plug, gate, ball, butterfly, pump packings, automated valves
Damping medium for dash pots in electrical equipment
Barrier coating for chemical environments; Resistant to solvents
Assembly lubricant and sealant for rubber and plastic o-rings, gaskets and seals
Non-curing sealant for topside, downhole, subsea equipment and instruments
Used in the presence of liquefied natural gases: valves, o-rings, seals, bearings
Used in downhole tools exposed to corrosive environments and high temperatures
High vacuum applications