NSNs, Certifications and Approvals

National Stocking Numbers, Approvals and Certifications PolySi® Lubricants


  • Certified IATF 16949:2016
  • NSF Standard 61 for drinking water (PST-599)
  • Compliance with FDA 21 CFR 175.300 and FDA 21 CFR 178.3570, Lubricants for Incidental Food Contact

Military Specified and QPL Listed Lubricants:

PST-525 QPL Certified & Listed to SAE-AS-8660 (replaces Mil-Spec 8660C)
PST-511 CAGE Code 03CA3
PST-597 Meets Mil-Spec C-21567A
PST-540 Meets Mil C-47113 Type 1, WS 19184
PST-455 Meets Mil G-4343C
PST-541 Meets Mil 47009D
PST-433 Meets Mil 46886B
PST-444 Meets Mil 15719
PST-3452 Meets Mil G-6032D Amendment 1, Type 1
PST-800 Series* (depending on CST) Meets Mil VVD 1078

National Stocking Numbers (NSN)

(National Stocking Number)
PolySi Technologies Product Size
6850-00-294-0860 PST-511 5.3oz TUBES
6850-00-880-7616 PST-525 8oz TUBES
6850-01-290-9943 PST-525 5.3OZ TUBES
6850-00-177-5094 PST-525 2oz TUBES
6850-00-295-7685 PST-525 1 GALLON CAN
6850-00-927-9461 PST-540 5oz TUBES
6850-00-109-4362 PST-540 1LB CANS
6850-00-702-4297 PST-597 5oz TUBES
9150-00-137-6343 PST-8005 (5CST) DRUMS
9150-00-584-3134 PST-802 (200CST) 1LB CANS
9150-00-864-4973 PST-840 1LB CANS
6850-00-963-5402 PST-535 5.3oz TUBES
6850-00-839-2763 PST-535 8LB CANS
6850-00-975-0712 PST-507 5.3oz TUBES
6850-00-501-6189 PST-507 8LB CANS
9150-00-732-1800 PST-441 1LB CANS
9150-01-056-7346 DC-510 (100CST) 1 GALLON CAN
9150-01-056-9047 DC 510 (500CST) 8LB CANS
9150-01-340-7819 PST-841 1 GALLON JUG
9150-00-024-9621 PST-805 DAMPING FLUID 500CST PINT CANS
9150-00-024-9623 PST-809 DAMPING FLUID   1000CST QUART
9150-00-024-9624 PST-8125 DAMPING FLUID   12,500CST 1LB CANS
9150-01-080-9652 PST-444 CARTRIDGE
9150-00-292-9609 PST-841 DAMPING FLUID 100,000CST 1LB CANS
9150-00-487-4219 PST-8020 DAMPING FLUID  20CST GALLON ‘F’ STYLE
9150-00-543-7219 PST-8020 DAMPING FLUID  20CST 1LB CANS
9150-00-584-3134 PST-802 DAMPING FLUID  200CST 1LB CANS
9150-00-607-0897 PST-8010 DAMPING FLUID  10CST PINT CAN
9150-00-664-0048 PST-850 DAMPING FLUID  50CST QUART CAN
9150-00-851-4257 PST-803 DAMPING FLUID  350CST 1LB CAN
9150-00-864-4973 PST-840 DAMPING FLUID  40,000CST 1LB CAN
9150-00-432-1878 PST-30 1.1LB JAR
9150-00-261-8326 PST-860 DAMPING FLUID  60,000CST 1 GALLON
9150-00-269-8246 PST-801 DAMPING FLUID  100CST 1LB CAN
9150-01-443-9573 PST-455 5.3oz TUBES
9150-00-664-0047 PST-850 DAMPING FLUID  50CST 1LB CAN
9150-01-102-9455 PST- BRAKE FLUID 1 GALLON CAN
9150-01-418-8250 PST-433 14.1oz CARTRIDGE
9150-00-985-7317 MOLYKOTE 77 1KG CAN
9150-01-123-3152 BRAKE FLUID 2-1143 1 GALLON
9150-00-269-8255 55 O-RING
6850-00-970-5214 PST-850 DAMPING FLUID  50CST 5 GALLON
9150-00-145-0161 PST-433 8oz
6850-00-177-5094 PST-525 2 oz 2oz
9150-00-57-317 PST-77 35oz
9150-01-05-67-348 510 FLUID 50CST 8LB CAN
9150-01-055-5995 PST-80065 DAMPING FLUID 0.65CST
9150-00-550-7000 PST-80065 DAMPING FLUID 0.65CST 0.75LB CAN
9150-00-066-2382 PST-8001 DAMPING FLUID 1CST 12fl oz CAN
9150-00-116-0323 PST-80015DAMPING FLUID 1CST 55GAL DRUM
9150-01-193-2060 PST-80015 DAMPING FLUID 1.5CST 5GAL CAN
9150-00-754-2600 PST-8002 DAMPING FLUID 2CST 0.75LB CAN
9150-01-067-6732 PST-8002 DAMPING FLUID 2CST 5GAL CAN
9150-00-433-2712 PST-8005 DAMPING FLUID 5CST 1LB CAN
9150-00-087-4046 PST-8005 DAMPING FLUID 5CST 1GAL CAN
9150-00-137-6343 PST-8005 DAMPING FLUID 5CST 55GAL DRUM
9150-00-024-9621 PST-8005 DAMPING FLUID 5CST
9150-00-607-0897 PST-8010 DAMPING FLUID 10CST 1PINT CAN
9150-00-664-0111 PST-8010 DAMPING FLUID 10CST 1GAL CAN
9150-00-543-7219 PST-8020 DAMPING FLUID 20CST 1LB CAN
9150-00-487-4219 PST-8020 DAMPING FLUID 20CST 1GAL CAN
9150-01-144-9476 PST-8020 DAMPING FLUID 20CST
9150-01-219-5229 PST-8020 DAMPING FLUID 20CST 55GAL DRUM
9150-00-664-0047 PST-850 DAMPING FLUID 50CST 1LB CAN
9150-00-664-0048 PST-850 DAMPING FLUID 50CST 1QUART CAN
9150-00-269-8246 PST-801 DAMPING FLUID 100CST 1LB CAN
9150-00-404-3435 PST-801 DAMPING FLUID 100CST 55GAL DRUM
9150-01-233-9897 PST-801 DAMPING FLUID 100CST
9150-00-584-3134 PST-802 DAMPING FLUID 200CST 1LB CAN
9150-00-851-4257 PST-803 DAMPING FLUID 350CST 1LB CAN
9150-00-261-8327 PST-805 DAMPING FLUID 500CST 8LB CAN
9150-01-056-9047 PST-805 DAMPING FLUID 500CST
9150-00-664-3829 DAMPING FLUID 5,000CST
9150-00-292-9608 DAMPING FLUID 7,500CST 1LB CAN
9150-00-257-5434 PST-820 DAMPING FLUID 20,000CST 1LB CAN
9150-00-530-5232 PST-830 DAMPING FLUID 30,000CST 1LB CAN
9150-00-286-8088 DAMPING FLUID 200,000CST 1LB CAN
9150-00-286-8088 DAMPING FLUID 300,000CST
9150-01-072-8379 DOT 5 BRAKE FLUID
9150-00-034-0791 PST-850 PM-50CST
9150-01-056-7348 PST-850 PM-50CST
9150-00-491-7502 PST-805 PM-500CST
9150-00-823-8068 PST-805 PM-500CST
9150-01-056-9047 PST-805 PM-500CST
9150-01-056-7346 PST-805 PM-500CST
9150-01-056-7347 PST-830 PM-30,000CST
9150-01-468-1818 PST-830 PM-30,000CST
9150-00-823-7974 PST-830 PM-30,000CST