PolySi® G-MAN® Metalworking Fluids

PolySi® G-MAN® Metalworking Fluids: Customized Solutions that LAST

Synergistic Blend of Additives:

Extreme Pressure, Anti-wear, and Corrosion Inhibitors

  • Extend tool and sump life
  • Prevent corrosion and staining
  • Produce Better Surface Finish
  • Transfer Heat Away from Tool & Workpiece

Metalworking Fluids

Cost Savings and Improved Process Speeds

  • Low Foam which increases process speeds
    (reduced need for defoamer)
  • Shorter Sump Times and reduced waste
  • Extend tool life
  • Hard Water and Temperature Stability
  • Enhanced wetting and lubricity

Eliminate Bacteria Growth & Improve Safety

  • Cleaner fluids which result in cleaner components and decreased odor
  • Operator acceptance with Fluids that are among the safest in the industry
  • All products made without DCHA
  • Products can be produced without utilizing boron compounds or chlorinated paraffin

Customized Products to Meet your Specific Needs

  • Experienced engineers to support your design, implementation and unique needs
  • Custom formulated to meet your local safety, disposal and health regulations
  • Products formulated to meet global environmental concerns

Metalworking Fluid Applications


PST-1000 Synthetic Series Features & Benefits Application
PST-1012 Grinding fluid with rust protection Light duty grinding
PST-1060 EP additive package – extend tool life Moderate for aerospace and automotive applications. Non-staining.
PST-1080 Proprietary rust inhibitor additives Heavy duty for automotive applications
PST-1100 Semi-Synthetic Series Features & Benefits Application
PST-1130 Chlorinated with EP additives Moderate duty. Low foam in high pressure/soft water applications
PST-1150 Chlorine, DCHA FREE excellent lube for all metals Medium to heavy-duty with excellent lubricity
PST-1170 Chlorine, Boron & DCHA FREE Heavy-duty, safe on all metals including Aluminum & Brass. Cutting edge technology.
PST-1200 Series Soluble Oils Features & Benefits Application
PST-1220 Conventional chlorinated technology Moderate to heavy duty for all metals. Ideal for job shops.
PST-1250 Chlorine-free, safe on all metals Heavy duty for machining, milling, and tapping
PST-1270 Contains Chlorine and boundary lubricants For Stamping & forming applications
PST-1300 Straight Oils Features & Benefits Application
PST-1310 Conventional machining oil. Chlorine-free. General machining lube
PST-1330 Light viscosity, chlorine-free Gun drilling and high-speed applications
PST-1350 Moderate viscosity with chlorine Heavy-duty applications
PST-1370 Yellow metal corrosion inhibitors Cold Heading
PST-1400 Cleaners Features & Benefits Application
PST-1420 General Cleaner Floor Cleaner
PST-1450 Improved Cleaner Parts Cleaner for Ferrous Metals
PST-1470 Tough on difficult soils Parts Cleaner for All Metals. Safe on All Metals
Corrosion Protection Features & Benefits Application
PST-863 Salt Water spray resistant, water-insoluble Metal stampings, firearms machine tools
PST-864 Synthetic oil with superior rust protection Caliper Mounts
Lathe Chuck Grease Features & Benefits Application
PST-386 Wear reducing, high grip force, synthetic & tacky Lathe chucks