PolySi® Contract Packaging and Filling

PolySi® Contract Packaging and Filling

Contract filling and contract packaging decisions are a critical component of a product’s success and profitability. Our packaging experts will work with you to match your product with the package you need, at a price you can afford.

PolySi® offers contract filling services for industrial, commercial, and household products. If standard packaging options do not meet your specifications, we can customize a package just for you.

PolySi® Contract Packaging and Filling
Private label options, service kit assembly, warehousing, shrink wrapping, inventory management, and complete outsourcing programs are also available, enabling you to maintain your brand without the manufacturing overhead. Call today to discuss your specific application.

Contract Packaging Options

Sample sizes (click here)

Metal & Plastic Tubes 1/2 oz. to 10 oz. aluminum collapsible tubes, plastic, or high-density tubes.
Grease Packets, Unit Dose Packaging, Single Use Packaging 1/2 gram to 1/2 oz. sizes.  We offer custom printing of packets in 1/2 gram to 3-gram sizes.  Packets and unit dose packaging is ideal for field use, a maintenance item, travel sizes, or use in service kits.
Metal Cans, Plastic Jars, & Bottles Available in 1/4 pint, pints, quarts & gallons.  Brush tops are also available.  Cans and jars are convenient for dispensing larger quantities in work cells that require re-sealing.
Plastic Pails Pails are offered in straight-sided, 5-gallon sizes to optimize use with standard piston pumps as well as 5 gallon tapered pails with resealable reike lids for fluids.  We also offer 1 gallon – 6-gallon
Plastic Syringes & Semco Cartridges When precision dispensing is critical, these packaging alternatives can be utilized with automated or semi-automated dispensing machinery.  These cartridges and syringes come pre-filled to avoid air
pockets that can adversely affect exact dispensing.
Fiber or Plastic Grease Cartridges & Standard Caulk Cartridges The typical size is 10.3 oz, but we offer a large variety of special sizes depending on your application. Cartridges are conveniently used with standard grease or caulk guns. Cartridges can also be privately labeled and used in product kits.
Blister Cards Blister cards and chipboard packaging are available in different sizes. These units are ideally suited for retail applications.
Powder Filling We offer industrial powder filling programs that can be filled in pints, quarts, or gallon sizes.


Contract Filling and Packaging Categories:

Lubricants: Greases, compounds, oils, petroleum, lithium, synthetics, medical
Silicones: RTVs, greases, compounds, gels, two-part materials, non-curing coatings, caulks, fluids
Pastes: Sodering paste, pipe dope, heat sink compounds, pigments, dyes
Fluids: Brake fluid, chemical solutions, engine oil, resins, cleaning solutions, emulsions, anti-foams, mineral oil, hydraulic fluid,
Paint, Polishes & Powders: Paint, waxes, polishes, car polish, stain, cleaners
Viscous & Semi-viscous materials: Motor oils, white glue, pastes, resins
Creams & Cleaners: Creams, liquid soap, cleaning compounds, detergents, hand sanitizer
Pump spray: Insect repellent, hand sanitizers
Samples and
Sample Kits:
Call for a quote on samples or sample kits


Packaging Service Options include:

Labeling Artwork Design
Induction sealing Tamper-resistant sealing
Shrink Wrap Case Packing
Palletizing Warehousing
Service Kit Assembly Sample Kit Assembly

PolySi Technologies has the ability to bring unique packages and formulations to market quickly so that you can capture growth markets before your competitors can.  Our contract manufacturing capabilities, combined with our superior packaging services, will allow you to focus on your marketing skills, while we take care of the rest. Questioning whether you should outsource your packaging operation? Consider these questions and call 919-775-4989 for a quote today.

PolySi® Contract Packaging and Filling

Should you outsource your packaging operation?

The answer may be “yes” when:

  1. Your quantities underutilize or overutilize your manufacturing lines.
  2. Your packaging needs require special expertise or equipment that you do not have in-house and may not need in the long run.
  3. You have short term needs for market testing, seasonal packaging, or limited distribution.
  4. Your time to market is critical and your in-house staff can not meet the timelines, or the stress of meeting the deadlines may deter other businesses.
  5. The packaging requirements are complex, and/or multi-phase (e.g., bulk to item packing).
  6. The high cost of entry due to regulatory or environmental requirements.
  7. Your product requires a supplier that is ISO/TS-16949:2009 Certified, such as PolySi Technologies.