PFPE Greases stand up to Harsh Environments

Late for a meeting and the printer isn’t working because the fuser burned out. You cry out, “Why isn’t there a good PFPE grease on the printer fuser?!” PFPEs are a family of fluorinated synthetic fluids that are used to formulate thermo-oxidatively stable lubricants. PFPE Greases are designed for harsh environments, and are used on printers and copiers. PFPE greases can withstands temps from -90°C to +250°C, won’t shrink, crack, swell or discolor, and they resists harsh chemicals, fires and fuel oils. PFPE greases are oxygen compatible and have low volatility, making them ideal in vacuum applications. However, not all PFPE greases are alike. Choosing the correct base oil is key in determining how a PFPE grease will perform in a harsh environment. PFPE greases can be used on rubbers and plastic without any swelling or shrinking, and are often used in office equipment, oil and gas, defense, aerospace and corrugation industries. Tribologists, like those at PolySi® G-MAN™ Lubricants, can help identify the right PFPE grease for a harsh environment application. So the next time the printer fuser goes out, make sure the right G-MAN™ PFPE Fuser Grease is used.

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