Non-Silicone Dielectric Grease Options

Environments where silicone can’t be present, and a dielectric grease is needed, call for a non-silicone dielectric grease to be used.  Non-silicone dielectric greases are similar to silicone dielectric greases but don’t have silicone to ensure material compatibility.  Non-silicone dielectric greases have excellent water washout properties, a wide temperature range, and are compatible with most rubbers and plastics.  These greases can be blended with various filling systems to increase effectiveness.  Examples include PST-576 Gel, which is made with a PAO base oil and has a medium consistency.  PST-576 is a non-melting, salt water-resistant gel of high viscosity synthetic hydrocarbon oil with wide temperature capability. It has proven effective in bulk lubrication of automotive under the hood electrical harnesses and paint environments where silicone can’t be present.  Other applications include sliding switches where silicone can’t be present, aerospace applications, and electronics.  PST-589 has similar capabilities but is made with PFPE as its base oil.

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