Lubing Leaky Faucets

The alarm jolts me from my slumber…no wait, it’s my daughter shaking me to tell me the faucet is leaking. Been in my home 13 years, yep, that’s about right for plumbing repairs to start kicking in. Just as we age, O-rings can age and dry out if they don’t have the proper lubricant. When plumbing fixtures and faucets need replacing, existing valve stems are usually removed so that new parts can be installed. The repair work is much smoother if a high quality plumber’s grease is used, like PST-599. PST-599 is used by leading faucet manufacturers for O-rings in faucet cartridges. The reason it is widely used by plumbers is that PST-599 is NSF Certified, Standard 61 Approved for drinking water. Plumber’s grease, like PST-599, outperforms standard greases in preventing water washout and withstanding high temperatures up to 400F degrees. So for that next home plumbing project, be sure to get a high quality plumber’s grease for ease of installation and repair. And remember, G-MAN™ always hits the spot.

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