Lube Away Car Arm Rest Squeaks

You slide into your new car with your Venti coffee. You are in your zen from your car sound system until you hear that awful squeak that occurs when you put your arm on the door armrest. Why does your car armrest squeak? Armrest squeaks are a common car assembly problem that is caused by two identical materials rubbing together. Innovative car manufacturers can prevent arm rest squeaks by using a high-quality lubricant, like PST-15, in its armrest to prevent it from squeaking.

PST-15 has PFPE and PTFE in it which makes it compatible with almost all materials. The PTFE in PST-15 ensures the lubricant will last the life of the car. PST-15 is odorless and fast-drying, two key aspects in a high-speed automotive manufacturing environment. PST-15 also has a UV indicator in the lubricant, which enables quality control personnel to ensure the lubricant has been applied. All PolySi® G-MAN® lubricants are manufactured in the USA, reducing the risk of imported products. When you are in the market for a new car, ask your dealer if they are using PST-15, and wipe out armrest squeaks for good.

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