Lithium Complex Greases – High Temperatures Welcome

High temperatures and extreme pressure environments a part of your business?  No worries, G-MAN® keeps you cool and slick with its series of Lithium Complex Greases.  G-MAN® Lithium Complex Greases provide strong adherence and mechanical stability, creating powerful resistance to shear and oil separation.  Mechanical stability, often referred to as shear stability, is how effectively the grease remains consistent when subjected to mechanical shear forces.  G-MAN® Lithium Complex greases also have strong water resistance properties and provide anti-wear, rust, and corrosion prevention.  Lithium complex lubricants are a cost-effective lubrication solution to rolling element applications where continuous high temperatures are encountered such as truck wheel bearings, and high speed, and strong vibration operations.   Other applications for G-MAN® Lithium Complex thickened greases include oven bearings, automotive components, and marine equipment.  The choice for a lithium complex thickened grease will depend on the operating conditions, temperatures, and environment.



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