PolySi® Contract Manufacturing

Get to Market Faster

If the ability to grow your business, or get your business started, requires a dependable partner to handle your blending or mixing needs, then call PolySi®.  We can assist you from pilot to full-scale manufacturing.  Our turnkey manufacturing capabilities will allow you to minimize your capital investment and shorten your time to market.  We can also complete your service needs with packaging, labeling, and distribution services. Private labels can help you compete in this tight economy; let PolySi’s® blending services get you there faster.
Our toll manufacturing, contract manufacturing, and private label programs have satisfied clients for years.  Our 50,000 square foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility employs the highest quality standards, achieving ISO/TS-16949:2009 Certification.


Free up Manufacturing Space with Outsourcing

Our manufacturing, filling, and packaging divisions provide one-stop outsourcing. Packaging options include drums, pails, gallons, cans, bottles, tubes, unit dose, grease packets, grease cartridges, syringes, and custom design options.

Organic and Natural Products

Let PolySi® blend your organic formulation so you can beat your competitors to market.  One of the strongest growth markets today is for natural and organic products. We can custom blend your organic formulation so you can focus on what you do best, marketing, and distribution. We take pride in our quality controls and speed to market.  PolySi®‘s custom blending capabilities, combined with our unique packaging options, including “green” and environmentally friendly packaging alternatives, can help you capture market share quickly in this fast-growing segment.

Let PolySi® quote you on a partial or complete outsourcing solution for your business today at 919.775.4989.

Should you outsource your packaging operation?

The answer may be “yes” when:

  1. Your quantities underutilize or overutilize your manufacturing lines.
  2. Your packaging needs require special expertise or equipment that you do not have in-house and may not need for the long run.
  3. You have short term needs for market testing, seasonal packaging, or limited distribution.
  4. Your time to market is critical and your in-house staff can not meet the timelines, or the stress of meeting the deadlines may deter other businesses.
  5. The packaging requirements are complex, and/or multi-phase (e.g., bulk to item packing).
  6. The high cost of entry due to regulatory or environmental requirements.
  7. Your product requires a supplier that is ISO/TS-16949:2009 Certified, such as PolySi Technologies.