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PolySi™ Lubricants Dielectric Greases
Eliminate Your Arcing Issues

PolySi™ Lubricants Silicone Dielectric Greases and Non-Silicone Dielectric Greases are considered electronically neutral. These materials neither hinder nor promote the electrical performance of an existing system. The real goal for grease in an electrical interface is the ability to control two variables: fretting and corrosion. Fretting and corrosion cause more damage to stationary interfaces than any other failure mode. For this reason, lubrication of the interface is needed to prevent the corrosion caused by oxygen and mitigate the fretting and micro-movement in electrical connections. If metals are mated for an electrical application, grease will make the connection last. PolySi Technologies offers silicone and non-silicone dielectric greases.

PolySi™ Lubricants PST-500 Silicone Dielectric Series:

PolySi™ Lubricants Non-Silicone Dielectric Greases:

Typical applications: spark plugs (rubber boot of the plug wire), gaskets of multi-pin connectors in car and marine engines, rotors, distributor caps, speedometer cables, outdoor lights, trailer hitches, battery terminals, satellite TV dishes, coaxial cable, power utility high and low voltage connectors.

Packaging options include: drums, pails, gallons, cans, bottles, tubes, unit dose, grease packets, grease cartridges, syringes, and custom design options.

PolySi™ Lubricants
Non-Silicone Dielectric Greases

PolySi™ Lubricants Base Oil

PolySi™ Lubricants
Silicone Dielectric Grease and Offsets

PolySi Technologies
PST- 500 Series
Offset to GE®, Novagard, Nye® Offset to Dow Corning®
PST-503 G-623 DC-3
PST-504 G-624 DC-4
PST-525 G-624 DC-4
PST-507 G-627 DC-7
PST-508   DC G-5008
PST-511 G-661 DC-111
PST-535 G-635 DC-5
PST-540 G-641 DC-340
PST-542   G-5042
PST-552 G-642  
PST-587 G-687  
PST-597 G-697 DC-6
PST-599* (NSF Std. 61) G-662