Chemical Resistant Valve Grease

Valve, Packing, Seal and O-Ring Grease PolySi® G-MAN® Lubricants

Valve G-MAN® GreasesPolySi ® G-MAN® Lubricants’ valve, packing, seal, and O-rings greases increase the integrity and cost-effectiveness of your operation. Proper selection of the lubricant and its application will depend on the substrate and operating conditions. The PolySi® G-MAN® valve and O-Ring grease line cover all of your needs including high temperature, and high load and chemical resistant valve grease applications. Contact our technical team today to discuss your application.

Valve, Packing, Seals and O-Ring G-MAN® Greases

PolySi® G-MAN® Lubricants Dow Corning® Offset
PST-87 HP870
PST-321 Molykote® 321 Dry Film
PST-347 Molykote® G4700 Extreme Pressure Synthetic Grease
PST-455 Molykote® 55 o-ring grease
PST-511 DC-111
PST-599 NSF Approved DC-111
PST-841 Xiameter PMX-200 100,000
PST-3452 Molykote® 3452

Valve G-MAN® Greases* The operating temperature range for grease is application-specific. Exposure to oxygen is a strong factor in estimating the upper operating range. Lubricant becoming increasingly stiff as the temperature decreases are the most common limiting factor for low temperatures.